Friday, November 7, 2008

Gemini 3 reviews

Well, the reviews have started to roll in. So far so good. It's always fun to hear peoples thoughts on your work. i'm especially glad to hear that people are enjoying the story, because I really do think this is one of the more fun comic books out there, and I am always excited to read the next instalment (and then of course I get to draw it!). Gotta hand it to Jay...He really knows what he is doing!

Here are some of the reviews which have come my way so far:

I'll keep adding them as i come across them and when I blog.

Will be away in Sydney over the weekend catching up with my buddy, so hopefully I will have something interesting to tell or show next week.
The Art: The first image is just me playing around with some colours. Slightly different to what you see printed in the book. I like to indulge every now and then. Second image is the pencils from the spread I posted yesterday. The trem 'loose' might be used to describe them, but thats how I doos it.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gemini # 3 :: It's out. GO GET IT!!!!

So...we meet again!

November is a special month for me. Probably cause I was born in November. So's all about me. I'm sure I will announce my own birthday and everything...

The long-awaited 3rd issue of Gemini is out there for the world to consume! Please go grab a copy and let me know your thoughts! Would love to hear from anyone. I have a copy of it sitting on my drawing table, and I have to say that this issue printed really nicely. I thought issue 1 also printed beautifully, and issue 2 was kinda muddy, but issue 3 looks as good as it could as far as printing goes.

Issue 3 is like our Empire Strikes Back of the series. It is the mid-point of the story I guess and of course leads into the battle royale which takes place in issue 4 (which I am currently drawing). Can't wait to have the whole story done, cause I, much like you, want to know how it all plays out!

I have more art than I know what to do with to post up on the blog guys, so keep them peepers peeled, and check back often!