Friday, November 7, 2008

Gemini 3 reviews

Well, the reviews have started to roll in. So far so good. It's always fun to hear peoples thoughts on your work. i'm especially glad to hear that people are enjoying the story, because I really do think this is one of the more fun comic books out there, and I am always excited to read the next instalment (and then of course I get to draw it!). Gotta hand it to Jay...He really knows what he is doing!

Here are some of the reviews which have come my way so far:

I'll keep adding them as i come across them and when I blog.

Will be away in Sydney over the weekend catching up with my buddy, so hopefully I will have something interesting to tell or show next week.
The Art: The first image is just me playing around with some colours. Slightly different to what you see printed in the book. I like to indulge every now and then. Second image is the pencils from the spread I posted yesterday. The trem 'loose' might be used to describe them, but thats how I doos it.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gemini # 3 :: It's out. GO GET IT!!!!

So...we meet again!

November is a special month for me. Probably cause I was born in November. So's all about me. I'm sure I will announce my own birthday and everything...

The long-awaited 3rd issue of Gemini is out there for the world to consume! Please go grab a copy and let me know your thoughts! Would love to hear from anyone. I have a copy of it sitting on my drawing table, and I have to say that this issue printed really nicely. I thought issue 1 also printed beautifully, and issue 2 was kinda muddy, but issue 3 looks as good as it could as far as printing goes.

Issue 3 is like our Empire Strikes Back of the series. It is the mid-point of the story I guess and of course leads into the battle royale which takes place in issue 4 (which I am currently drawing). Can't wait to have the whole story done, cause I, much like you, want to know how it all plays out!

I have more art than I know what to do with to post up on the blog guys, so keep them peepers peeled, and check back often!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wisdom level has dropped

Hello there!
I had a colourist jam over on my deviantart page. I provided the little Spidey lines and many colourists came along to show off their skills. These 2 guys here inspired me to put my wacom away and stick to drawing. That's a good thing. It means I draw more, and the colours look better than what i could ever do. Love it. The artists who provided colours here are known as 'Clunkworld' and 'Zaratus'. Both very nice guys.
I had a wisdom tooth removed today. It's feeling OK at the moment, but I'm not enjoying the taste of blood in my mouth mixed with anaesthetic. That tooth was a big fucker, but it popped right out. I think I experienced more discomfort having my teeth cleaned by the dentist actually.
See you soon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Spidey sketchyness and....


Just wanted to chuck couple of bits of art up here.

Firstly is a little baby chibi Spidey. Just another warm-up sketch I did to loosen up, and I kinda like how he turned out, so here he is making an appearance. Hopefully he will be making a colour appearance soon enough. He is the subject of my latest colour jam over at deviantart.

The other pic here is the head sketches I posted the other day with some more colour added for fun.

thanks for reading!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Leo

Another very small ink warm-up done the other day, which I coloured this morning. I've been meaning to draw a proper Leo piece for ages... Still havn't got there, but this will do for now.

I'll be posting up some inks very soon for everyone to have a crack at colouring and show me what you can do :D

I realised today that i am a sucker for the simpler things in life... Butter on Toast, Vanilla flavoured ice-cream, meatpie with no sauce... Perhaps I am becoming an old man!



Monday, October 20, 2008

Head Shot III's been almost 2 weeks since the last entry. Where has time gone?

I have been busy...that's for sure.

I am back inking Gemini pages at the moment, hence the warm-up inks you will see appearing on the blog over the next few days.

Not much to report right now. The art you see here is a direct scan from my sketchbook. I felt like playing with a little colour there too, and now I am ready to hit some actual comic page stuff...

Good to see some people clicking the 'follower' button on the blog here. Definately plan on keeping it funky n fresh for you guys!

I'll be back soon!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marvel Masterpiece sketch cards

Here are some of the sketchcards I did for the latest Marvel Masterpiece set. All up I did 30 cards, but I still have 20 Artist Proof cards to do.

What are artist proof cards? Well...I'm glad you asked. They are the same as the cards pictured above, except that you don't have to buy hundreds of packs of cards to find one...You buy them direct from the artist, and you can even choose which character you would like to see on eyour card! Not bad eh? These cards are officially approved by Marvel Comics and Upperdeck. So they are the real deal. Not only that, but they are one of a kind cards. The art is original artwork.

If you are interested in owning one of these for yourself, please click on the link below to find out how to get one from me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Loose ends :: Gemini Inks

I spent the day doing a massive spring clean up of my house today. Every now and then you just gotta do it I guess. Feels nice, clean and refreshed in here now. Makes me want to sit down n draw actually! I might even take a few pics of the 'studio' for you guys to check out. That's what you do after a clean up, right?

I thought it would be nice to show the finished inks from the sneak previews of issue 4 I have posted up here. I think this issue is shaping up to be the best one of the series so far. I mean, it has Dynamo 5 in it, and they are just dam cool characters to draw.'s off to finish the vacuming. Good times.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Head Shot II

Just a quickie today. Think of it as the calm before the storm.
Captain America. I tried something a little different. Inks with pencil shading. I thought it was relevant since this was one of many tests I did before deciding upon the style i wanted to go with for my marvel cards.
I'll be posting up a bunch of my Marvel sketch cards in the coming days, as well as info on how you can own an official piece of hand drawn Marvel art from me. So keep your peepers peeled! I have a very small limited number of slots available, and I expect them to fill quickly.
In Soccer game on tonight. Apparently it is a long weekend. So hooray to all you people who work normal jobs!
Enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gemini :: Early concept art

Top of the morning to you!!!

It's good to see a little traffic coming through recently. I like it. Keep visiting, and I shall keep the art flow going.

For todays small delight I am going to give you an early piece of concept art I did for Gemini. Pictured here are the 2 characters we first get to see in issue 1; Rumble and Gemini.

Both characters ended up looking quite different in the final book, but there is still something about these designs which I quite like.

In my original idea for Rumble, I thought of him as a UK punk bruiser type of dude who had been genetically enhanced. Like he had taken way too many roids or something. Very aggressive. But then I designed the guys who fight Gemini in the junkyard scene, and they had a sort of punk/gothic vibe about them, so I decided to go a different route with Rumble. He became more of a military experiment gone wrong.

As for Gemini, this here was pretty much the first of about 2000 designs I did for him. I slightly exagerate. But as you can see I was on a completely different path to what we ended up with.

Does this info actually interest anyone?

See you again soon blog!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Smack! What was that?! Gem issue 3


I found out today that issue 3 of Gemini is being assembled like an atomic robot waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Yes....that's right. Issue 3 is just inches away from hitting the printers and then your local comic book shops.

I have found it very hard to find something suitable to post from issue 3. No one has really seen anything apart from the cover, and that is because we dont want to spoil anything! So here is your snippet. Take what you can. Once the issue is out, I'll post up more rough pencils and other art for your consumption.

Faerber has written some really fun stuff, and if you have enjoyed issues 1 and 2 so far, I don't see how you wouldn't enjoy this ish as well! It really gets better as the book progresses.

Gonna take my little sister to watch Wall.E today. Can't wait. I heard it's pretty good.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Head Shot I

My poor neglected blog....

Well, it could be worse! I havn't updated my deviant gallery since June!

The good news is that I have been rather busy working on Gemini ish 4... 5 pages of inks complete so far (minus 1 little panel which I am working on right after this) and then it's onto the next 5.

For today I decided to post up one of many headshots we are bound to see here on the blog. I often draw heads and faces. I have sketch books full of them. I think it is what I practice most. Today I did this one and decided to colour it, since I havn't had the chance to play around with colour for a while. I like how it turned out, although not really all that impressive. Just quick and fun. Sadly, I didn't scan the initial pencil sketch for this one before inking, but I will try to do so in the future.
Oh last note: I saw Wall.E the other night. Here is my review: Fucking Brilliant. Go watch it.

I'll be back.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cinnamon Donuts and a Ninja Turtle

Just another quicky...
Today I ate 3 cinammon donuts. I know they are not good for me, but they sure do taste good! I now have a donut for a belly. Nice.
Here is Leonardo all inked up and ready for colour.
Let me know if you want some Hi res action so the world can see what you can do with your colour skills!
I will colour him some day, but for now it's all Gemini, Gemini, Gemini for me!!

Little Juggy comes to life!!


Bit of a different sort of entry for today.

I sporatically receive very cool emails from people who have found an interesting use for my art. I'll try and feature these every now and then as they come in. They will range from clay models like the one you see here to tattoos, to just completely bizare stuff.

The artist responsible for creating this nice little model can be found here on Deviant art:

I believe he is taking commissions, so if you want to see your art in clay like this, get in touch with the dude.

In Gemini news, I have finished 1 page of inks so far...more is on the way. I'm really happy with how this first page has turned out, but you will all have to wait to see it. I may post it in the future. maybe.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Inking in progress...

Just a quick one today.

The inking is coming along. I'm enjoying myself so far. Here is a snippet. I'm sure I'm not spoiling anything by telling you that Dynamo 5 appears in issue 4 of Gemini, and it will be one hell of an appearance!

Aside from that, I have enabled anonymous comments as it was pointed out to me that only registered users were able to leave comments, so there ya go. It's open territory. Don't be shy now!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soccer Sunday

Sunday night is always soccer night for me. My team is called the Golden Monkeys. Tonight we lost our first game this season, but it was a good game. It's always good to be reminded that you are not as good as you think you are. I'm feeling a little sore, but no injuries this week! Time to get back into some inking before hitting the sack.

Today I scanned a little snippet form my sketchbook. Just some quick head sketches to get the stylistic juices flowing. I always enjoy drawing the good old classic SFII characters. Incase you didn't know these guys are called Zangy and Chunners. Yep. Thats their names.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gemini 4 COVER pencils

Dear Mr. Blog,

It is just after 6pm and I am yet to begin these inks I have been talking about doing today. What is wrong with me?!

I can still get a page done, it's a good time to work in the evening. I was just commenting on the nice spring weather we are experiencing. Almost feels like Christmas eve.

Before I get into my inks though, I'm gonna have a crack at some pacman...Am I the same guy who just asked what was wrong with me before? hmm.

The art you see here today is my rough sketch and then slightly tighter pencils for the cover art which will appear on issue 4 of Gemini. Issue 4 is currecntly in production. Watch this space to see it come to life!


Raw and slightly tighter...

Hello blog!
Although it would seem that I have missed a day, I would argue that i have in fact not, since I havn't slept more than once since the last post...that makes this the next day in my eyes, and it may also look like I have made 2 posts in one day when I post something else tomorrow...
Don't mind me. I am enjoying an apple cider before I get to bed.
Today I finally got those afore-mentioned Gemini pencils nice n tight enough to ink. There is a cool Dynamo 5 splash in amongst this batch. I have decided to tackle this issue in blocks of 5 pages at a time. So I now have my first 5 pages all penciled up and I will be hitting the inks starting tomorrow. I'll probably put some inks up here as I go along. Anything can happen on the blog really, which is why it is so much fun!
Let me talk about todays art.... First up is a very raw bunch of sketches. I was having trouble drawing a particular character on this day, so I just drew her head and expressions many times, very freely, to get back into the character. Sometimes a piece of comic art board can be voodoo cursed in a particular area, and no matter what you do, it just never comes out right. The cure is to draw on a new piece of paper with no restrictions and then hit the cursed piece of paper with confidence!
The 2nd sketch I have shown here is a tightened up version of the Ninja Turtle sketch I posted yesterday. These pencils are now ready for me to ink, which I will be using as my warm-up for inking over the next week. We may just see a finished version of old mate Leonardo here, and you can watch it all happen right here on the 'secret stash'...
I am off to sleepy dreamland now! Goodnite!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tree Climber

Hello and good day to you all.

Yesterday was National BBQ day here in Australia. Apparently. So I had a BBQ with a nice group of friends. As if we need another excuse to drink beers and sit ouside in the sun!

Todays sketch is of another ninja turtle...I did a bunch of warm-up sketches, and felt like drawing turtles again. I might ink this one when I am ready to start inking Gemini. Just to break in the new pens, and limber up a little. Y'know? The sketch was very quick. No more than 15 minutes if even that.

The 2nd sketch you see here of a little man climbing a tree was something else I drew on the same page, and this morning I tried some painty paint experiments on it. Had fun with that, and learnt a thing or two for next time around.

Now be gone, and return soon with hungry eyeballs!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gemini Snippet

Hello there Blog. My lovely blog. Sorry I missed you the last couple of days. Dam...already blown the post a day thing.

Well...I just havn't had the chance to get to a computer and write anything, but here I am now. Do you forgive me blog?

Today was a good day! Quite productive really. I penciled 2 pages of Gemini issue 4, and also brushed up the pencils of another page. I'll probably pencil 2 more tomorrow, and then hit some inks. So it's coming along. And since you probably don't care about words and would rather see some art, I have attached a little snippet of some of the pencils. I'm really enjoying drawing this book, and I think it is gonna show in the newer stuff.

That is it for now. Must go sleep!


Friday, September 5, 2008


Feeling a little bloated as I write this. Right after I took a lunch break from drawing, I decided to watch some random crap on you tube as I finihsed a 1 litre tup of Lemon Sorbet...So tasty. But I feel so full now. Makes me want to go lie down rather than keep drawing.

Today (besides being a pig) I have started to teach myself how to paint backgrounds. I'm doing a little side job which will require lots of painted backgrounds, and I want them to look kick ass, so I have to learn how to do this properly. Not easy after years of colouring inside the black lines. When I have something worth showing (which I am allowed to show) I'll post it all up here on the blog of love.

As for todays art...A while back I went and saw the Cirque de Soleil when it came to Canberra. The show was Varekai. I was floored! I have to say that this was the closest I felt to being a kid again while watching a live show. There was so much atmosphere. A good friend of mine met one of the trapeze girls, and now, over a year later they are still together, and he is travelling the world with the circus! Not bad eh?

My travelling buddy wanted to give something nice to his acrobatic lady, and asked if I would draw something....This was the result. I would love to find the time to colour it someday, and perhaps I will eventually, but for now I am showing the steps I took to get to the finished inked piece.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am talking to myself...

It just hit me. I'm talking to myself here like a crazy man.

Just about to go to work (my other job), but I wanted to make sure I keep the posting a day alive!

This is a pretty crappy sketch I did of Leonardo... I planned on colouring this at one point, but once I scanned it, I didn't like it. It feels forced to me, so I ditched it. Now it appears on the blog since I didnt have the time to scan anything new. I still don't like it. Must draw a good Leo.

And in case you hadn't seen it, I have posted my take on Michaelangelo... This one didn't turn out so bad.

I'd better tell someone about the blog soon or I will just keep on talking to myself.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get well soon!

I love the fact that i can post anything I want here. More the art than my words really, cause I havn't ever really held back on what I have wanted to say in the past...

I have always felt very self-concious about what I post as far as art goes though, but I think this blogs purpose is for me to get past that, and post art freely. Dosn't have to be fact the more raw the better.

For example, this one here is a straight scan from my sketch book. I sometimes ink sketches in there to warm up before hitting the actual comic board. I have a lot of this kind of stuff lying around, and I guess over the coming weeks some of those will pop up here.

On a side note, my lovely girlfriend is suffering from some sort of cold at the moment, so I just want to say that I hope she gets better real soon!! I'm feeling a little tingle of a cold trying to take me over, but hopefully I can resist.

Finished pencils for page 1 of issue 4 of Gemini today also. I'll have to post some of those up as I get them done too.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Regular like Muesli

So, I got up to begin work today (drawing of course!) and I felt like posting on the blog...Then I realised 'hang on a sec! You've only just started this thig yesterday'...and then I thought to myself, 'well, why not!?'

So here I am. I wonder if I can post something new everyday? I think it's a good challenge. Surely I draw at least 1 new thing each day which I can show, right? I think it's a worthwhile experiment.

I have noticed that no one has discovered the secret stash as yet. I havn't told anyone about it either, but I'll put the word out there once there is a few good things worth checking out on here.

Todays art is from a series of Marvel Sketch cards I drew for upperdeck. I had a blast working on these. Really fun and relaxing mostly. All up I have drawn 30 cards for this set. I picked 4 of them sort of randomly as a little taste to wet some appetites. I'm proud to say that all of my cards were approved already. Don't know if that is really a big deal or not, but I guess it means there were no duds! You get brownie points for naming all the characters shown.

Hasta la proxima!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to the secret art stash!!

Testing 1, 2, 3.....

Hello there!

I finally decided to start up my own blog. Don't know why it has taken me so long, but I felt that now was a good time. I plan on using this space to post up more of my ideas, rough sketches, finished pieces, commissions and pretty much the overall ravings of a semi-crazy man. Chances are that entries will not always be art related. I'm experimenting here, so hopefully that will keep things fun. The plan is to post regularly though, so do visit often!

Here is a sketch to kick off the festivities. Some concept art for the character LYNX from my current comic book, GEMINI.