Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Leo

Another very small ink warm-up done the other day, which I coloured this morning. I've been meaning to draw a proper Leo piece for ages... Still havn't got there, but this will do for now.

I'll be posting up some inks very soon for everyone to have a crack at colouring and show me what you can do :D

I realised today that i am a sucker for the simpler things in life... Butter on Toast, Vanilla flavoured ice-cream, meatpie with no sauce... Perhaps I am becoming an old man!




Khyam Baines said...

yeah, your a OLD "ranga"!

quit whinging and put "tha BEAST" in GEMINI - whooping his ASS! :P LOL!

Whuttup GANGSTA!?

Red J said...

Beast! hahaha...that would actually be pretty funny turning you into a villain. I think it may be doable.

They putting Gemini away for you up in Brissy?