Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gemini :: Early concept art

Top of the morning to you!!!

It's good to see a little traffic coming through recently. I like it. Keep visiting, and I shall keep the art flow going.

For todays small delight I am going to give you an early piece of concept art I did for Gemini. Pictured here are the 2 characters we first get to see in issue 1; Rumble and Gemini.

Both characters ended up looking quite different in the final book, but there is still something about these designs which I quite like.

In my original idea for Rumble, I thought of him as a UK punk bruiser type of dude who had been genetically enhanced. Like he had taken way too many roids or something. Very aggressive. But then I designed the guys who fight Gemini in the junkyard scene, and they had a sort of punk/gothic vibe about them, so I decided to go a different route with Rumble. He became more of a military experiment gone wrong.

As for Gemini, this here was pretty much the first of about 2000 designs I did for him. I slightly exagerate. But as you can see I was on a completely different path to what we ended up with.

Does this info actually interest anyone?

See you again soon blog!



DKnobius said...

It interests me. I dig the concept art.

Scott Hume said...

really diggin the early version of rumble man, and yes it does interest me as well..haha, as always keep up the great work dude.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I like the original Gemini (not as much as the current mind you...), especially the suction cups on his head and shoes.

Keep up the great stuff!

Anonymous said...

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