Sunday, October 5, 2008

Head Shot II

Just a quickie today. Think of it as the calm before the storm.
Captain America. I tried something a little different. Inks with pencil shading. I thought it was relevant since this was one of many tests I did before deciding upon the style i wanted to go with for my marvel cards.
I'll be posting up a bunch of my Marvel sketch cards in the coming days, as well as info on how you can own an official piece of hand drawn Marvel art from me. So keep your peepers peeled! I have a very small limited number of slots available, and I expect them to fill quickly.
In Soccer game on tonight. Apparently it is a long weekend. So hooray to all you people who work normal jobs!
Enjoy responsibly!


McNess and the Modern Age said...

Your style is like money

Scott Hume said...

totally diggin the different ink style man, looking forward to seeing the Marvel cards.

Red J said...

@ McNess: hahaha....a very wise man once said the very same thing!

@ Scott: thanks dude! I look forward to your thoughts on them!