Thursday, September 15, 2011

Megaman :: Best Bosses

Hey guys!

Just thought I would update ye olde blog today.

Yesterday I received my copy of the Udon megaman tribute book which was chock full of amazing art and artists from around the world. I really enjoyed looking through this book. So much good stuff in there! I was really surprised to see that my piece was on the first page. Not that I think that is a better spot than any other, but I was expecting to be tucked in somewhere near the back.

So lets talk about megaman. Here is a fun fact: Did you know that megaman is hidden in just about every comic book I have ever drawn?! Have a look at your old copies of Gemini and see if you can find him. This is because I have always been such a huge fan of the original games. Good memories I guess. I only ever owned Megamans 1, 2 and 3. So, when Udon decided to do this book, I was all over it! I did 3 pieces, but this is the only one that got printed. I did an airman level piece which I thought was kind of cool. I don't know if you guys want to see that though.

For my tribute piece, I wanted to draw my favourite bosses. Weather it was because of their design or the awesome stage music, these were my faves. I wanted to draw Topman in there since his music is one of my favourites ever, but his lamness meant he didnt make the cut. haha.

As always, on the blog you get the behind the scenes exta sketchy goodness. Here you can see my rough sketch and then clean lines.

Hope you like the art!