Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tree Climber

Hello and good day to you all.

Yesterday was National BBQ day here in Australia. Apparently. So I had a BBQ with a nice group of friends. As if we need another excuse to drink beers and sit ouside in the sun!

Todays sketch is of another ninja turtle...I did a bunch of warm-up sketches, and felt like drawing turtles again. I might ink this one when I am ready to start inking Gemini. Just to break in the new pens, and limber up a little. Y'know? The sketch was very quick. No more than 15 minutes if even that.

The 2nd sketch you see here of a little man climbing a tree was something else I drew on the same page, and this morning I tried some painty paint experiments on it. Had fun with that, and learnt a thing or two for next time around.

Now be gone, and return soon with hungry eyeballs!


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