Monday, March 23, 2009

Phone Doodles I

Just a quickie here...

It has been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time between posts....but I'm gonna try and get on a little more regularly.

As some of you who have been around a while may know, part of the purpose of this blog was for me to be able to post the stuff you wouldn't normally see. The sketches. The doodles. The more raw looking stuff.

For the past 4 months or so I have been working in a place where I talk on the phone a lot. I have a sketch book which I keep with me, and what you see here are some of the pages. In fact the first 4 pages from that book. Not necessarily the best sketches, but I guess you guys can keep an eye on the progress of that book here as I post chunks of pages from time to time.

These are my phone doodles.


See you guys back here real soon!


Harry said...


New posts!!!

Man you have been gone a loooong ass time!

Mate as a regular (daily) visitor I gotta tell ya its been tooo long between posts dude! I needs mah fix o' red j goodness more than once every 4 months?!!

This blog is one of the first ones I visit to get inspiration from (as 'ringo's used to) on my daily blog route.

Anyway bro, great to see new work and hope to show you some work @ supanova next week!


DK Keener said...

Cool stuff J. Always like seeing your updates.

Marcus Hadlock said...

so the blacked out areas- are those top secrete drawings your not allowed to show to the public or are they just ones you hated and didnt want people to see? :P

I was just curious- I think they are awesome!