Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FreeRealms pages


I've put a stack of new art up on my deviantart site, and I thought it would just be unfair to leave my poor blog ignored and neglected.

So here is a stash of the stuff I have been posting, and maybe a couple of bonuses :)

Thanks for stopping by as always!



Antonio Santamaria said...

Hi Jon!!! This is Antonio Santamaria from Barcelona... I would like to congratulate for your art. You have an incredible style.... I enjoy a lot with your designs.... Very expressive and dynamic. I see that you are also a fan of mister Ramos and his companion, Herrera.... I love these artists too... Well, I repeat... your works are really cool. I will be coming by here frequently!!!! SALUDOS!!!

Zero said...

Dude, you rock it. Better every piece you do. I'm in awe!