Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deadpool Evolution!!! Junkyard Jump.


So, I've been slack with the blog posts of late. I'm a hoarder, and I'm hoarding all my art in a secret vault. The good news is that I will be unloading a shit load of this into my newest art book, Ozmosis Chills III which is in the early planning stages. I am going bigger and better with this one. Details will follow shortly, once I have an idea of what I'm doing. ETA is that it will be ready in time for NYCC this year.

Speaking of Ozmosis Chills, the piece featured in this blog post appeared in OC2, but only in pencil form, so now for the first time I will show you guys the inked and coloured piece.

I had actually abandoned these pencils back in 2009. Mostly cause I just didn't get the time to finish it, and once pencils get past a certain point all you see is your mistakes and then you just loose the heart to finish it.

Earlier this year I attended a few cons and an art collector buddy saw the piece in my folio and asked if I would finish it off as a commission. I agreed, and so 2 years later I had the challenge of polishing this turd into a proper masterpiece... At least that was the goal.

You will see a bit of a step by step below. That is so you can see how the piece evolved in the pencil stage. I think you can get a feel for how much polishing I did to try and get it all looking right. You can see some of the adjustments I made to try and "fix" the problems which would have been there if I had inked it back in 2009. I think my forms and structures feel more solid, which is something I am always wanting to get better at. You want your objects to feel like they have volume. The composition isn't necessarily better, but I had a goal in mind for the colours, and I felt the new background would work better the way it turned out.

So there you have it folks... History of a piece which no one probably wanted to know. The end result is a styalised teen looking Deadpool with a post-apocalyptic junkyard background. That sounds like something fun to me and I had a lot of fun drawing this one.

Hope you like!

thanks for reading,



Steven Preston said...

Cool stuff Jon. I love the colour scheme with the background.

Charles Santoso said...

this is really sweet, Jon!

Thanks for the support btw! :D I really appreciate it. Hope to seeing you in person soon.