Monday, April 8, 2013

Wolverine VS The Sentinel Head

copic marker and ink on 9x12 bristol board
Hello? Testing, testing.... It's dusty around here...time to clean off the cobwebs and make some regular updates. Anyone reading this?

Well, I'm still making my way through all of these Ozmosis commissions, so if you are still waiting, here is proof that yours is coming soon! There are not too many left...maybe 15 or so and then I might open up for new commissions. Maybe.

Anyway, this one was cool... I was asked to draw Wolverine, which is always fun. I added the big Sentinel head in the background to create a little more of a story for the piece and to give me something which I could use to help Logan pop off the page even more.

traditional pencil with digital pencil
For you guys who like to see some of the steps and progress behind the scenes...well, you know thats what this blog is for... so here you go. I apologise for the watermarks, but people have been stealing my shit and trying to sell it, so I gotta do what I gotta do. Those scallywags!

So, this is kind of where my process is at these days. I like to start with my pencil and sketchbook as I have always done. Once I have something that I'm feeling pretty good about I will usually scan it and then clean it up and mess around with it a little digitally. In this case you can see below that I actually drew the sentinel head completely digitally because it was an idea I had when I was sitting in front of my computer I suppose, so that's just how it worked out.
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 Above you can see a progress shot I took once I had done most of the line work on Wolverine. In the scan below you can see that line work with the undersketch removed, but this was the same step here.
inks done with a brush pen

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will see you guys back here very soon!



Steven Laidlaw said...

Love seeing the process! A couple of questions:

1. What software do you use for the digital side?

2. Do you use a drawing tablet?

3. Do you print the outline directly onto the board for inking?

Keep up the awesome drawing!

Pete Twine said...

J this Wolvie is Killa! Always love your step by step to an awesome creation!
Apologies for all the questions, I know you’re always flat out...
Are you going to be at Sydney Supanova?
I’ve been looking out for when you'll be doing commissions for about 12 months, any coming up soon?
When will you be putting more on your Art Store?
Is there any more news on Rexodus?

Red J said...

Hey Steven,
thanks for reading!
Here are some answers for you:
1 - PS

2 - Yes, although it is old skool... I use an Intuous 2.

3 - Yes.


Red J said...

Hi Pete,
No worries on the questions. Glad you like this Wolvie!

Here are some answers for you.

Sydney Supanova - Yes.

I'll be sketching at the con, but holding off for a couple of months before I take new commissions again. Might be able to set something up for supanova pick-up though.

Art store... yeah...definitely need to get on to that. I have plans.

Rexodus - No new news yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to show you guys some more stuff from that project.

cheers mate!


Ezra Lau said...

killer art, man! thanks for sharing :D

Pete Twine said...

J, Sweet I'll be at the Sydney Supanova & if there is any chance of a commission I'll have cash in hand.
Keep up the awesome work bro!
Pete said...

Wow!! tremendously good job!

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