Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday01::Wolverine vs Venom I'm back.

The plan is to post new art here every Friday and not leave my poor blog out there in the cold with no love and affection.

I just realised I havnt been getting notifications from peoples comments on the blog here which would explain the lack of resposes. I will keep an eye out and get back to you guys who take the time to say hello :)

I won't blow my whole load here right now, but there are a couple of things to talk about. First, lets talk about the art.

What you see here is the under sketch for a commission I did for some guys I met at a convention. They asked me to sketch on one of those Marvel Dark Avengers sketch covers. This is what I did on the back as a bonus cause I took so long to finish the cover for them. I think they were happy with the bonus. You can see the same cover inked and grey toned over on my deviantart to which I will provide a link for you all here:

The other thing I would like to talk about is the new movie Astro Boy... (this is spoiler free by the way)

I saw this movie last night. I really didnt have high expectations for it. I was kinda disapointed when I first saw the trailer and the direction they had taken with some of the character designs, but eventually I got over that, and I think that Astro himself looked really great.

In fact, I will say that this movie did look really good overall. Really nice 3D work, and the animation was also pretty awesome, moreso on the action than the emotive stuff.

Where this film fell flat for me was with the story. There were some really cheesy bits (Robot revolutionaries?) which I wasnt a fan of. I know they think they need to put stuff in there like that to make the kids happy, but that is exactly what i hate about a movie like this. You dont need to cheese things up for the kids! Look at PIXAR! they never do that.

There was a particularly emotional scene in Astro which should have been emotional, but I felt nothing! There was something missing there, and really this scene which I am trying not to spoil, should have been given a lot more attention since this was the reason why Astro is then created!

I think I might have chuckled once through the whole film, and that is a pretty bad sign for someone who wants to get something more than a visual feast out of a film.

The potential was there for such an amazing film, but unfortunately I was quite disapointed. Thats coming from someone who grew up watching Astro boy as a kid in the 80's, so take my movie rant for what its worth... Anyone else catch this? agree? disagree?

See you all back here soon!


damien said...

sup man. Haven't seen you do an update for ever! So we still need to talk . . . oh about 3D resin/vinyl man and get you rolling with stuff! hit me up man. Hope all is well, and it was a blast to kick it with you at SDCC, especially since we were in the same hotel!


james said...

I didn't realise Astroboy was out yet!

Sounds pretty much like what you'd expect from having seen the trailer - pity, it could have been a kick ass Strongest Robot in the World movie. I also don't know why they played with his design, the cartoon Astro had good rounded shapes ready for modelling in 3D. Not sure if I'm going to bother seeing this one.

Where the Wild Things Are looks like it's been done right though, hanging out for it!

Christian said...

Insane lines!!

P.J. Magalhães said...

Very cool. Nice to you back here! oh and i haven't forgotten about your book but busy at the moment to get money out to you for a copy. Come Dec 2 though... :D

later dude,

Madara said...

I felt the same way about Astro Boy. It's a shame other studios don't make the effort Pixar does. I would like to edit the movie and cut out some of the needless nonscense.