Thursday, July 15, 2010

COVER ART :: Back to the BLOG

Wow...The last time I posted anything on here was in 2009! That is just nuts! Where the hell have I been?

Well, for one thing, I have been working on a comic book series called FreeRealms. I'm all done with that. I drew 6 issues all up and they are cming out as we speak. In fact, I believe issue #11 is out today.

So, since I have been so absent from my blog, I thought I should make this posting rather juicy, so what I will do is post up all the covers I did for this series in pencil. First are the first 3 covers. I'll post the rest in the next blog entry.

I had fun trying different things with these covers. I think some turned out pretty nice (the later ones) while others were not as pretty as some of the other stuff I have drawn. It's all been a great learning experience though, and hopefully I have come out a better artist on the other side.

I will try and stay regular on this blog for the next little while. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress of Gemini issue #5 (the last of that series). I havn't started on the actual pages just yet as I am in the middle of moving houses, but it is gonna happen so soon now. I can only hope it is worth the wait, and with Jay's script, that side of things is locked in (and awesome) it's up to me to bring the ruckus!

OK....enough blabbing and more art already, yeah? If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them in the comments!

Thanks peeps, and see you all again real soon!



Zapf said...

Dude it´s good to see that you´re back. This pages look hot. Quite different from gemini but still awesome. Keep up the good work.

Mark said...

Welcome back dude! Did you ever see the inks I did on one of the FR pages you sent me? It was over on DA. Anyway, glad to see ya back updating! Always fun stuff to see!


Great covers man! Got lots a character and fun in them. Hope you keep up the posts, i love seeing your work!

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