Friday, November 20, 2009

F04 :: Punisher & Wolverine.

If I just act like nothing happened, no one will notice that I missed my posting last week, right? I said i would post a little process info on the making of this piece I did earlier this year. I did draw this one pretty quickly. I wanted to get it done in time for San Diego. For those who are savvy, it was also included in Ozmosis Chills II.

The original is available for sale too if anyone is interested.

Anyway....what we see here are the first breakdown sketch, followed by tightening of the pencils and followed by the inks. Hopefully we will see some coloured versions popping up around the place sooner or later.

And with that I shall disappear. I need some sleep. Hi-5 on getting some sleep.



Seacow said...

Dude I love checking out your work process. You work so loose and light and you tighten up to such a neat and professional level.

I got to ask though dude, do you clean up your inks traditionally or digitally? It's just staggeringly noise free man :D.

Crips Pink said...

awesome awesome stuff, I am MUCHO inspired!


Your stuff is awesome whenever i read your older spidy comics it would always inspire me to draw. Cant wait to see more!

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Anonymous said...

Why is the Punisher smoking??? Is that simply based on the fact that he's a big tough guy with guns and therefore he has to smoke???? Because it can't be based on a scene from the canon comic book because you won't find a scene like that.