Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday 03 :: Sketchier than ever this is the place for sketches and stuff that you normally don't get to see. At least that's what they tell you once you get here. So today, I'm gonna slap you with a few sketches.

1 - purple head. This was just me playng around with some colour as I do from time to time. Havnt had a chance lately cause Photoshop loves to crash on my new computer with Vista. I think Vista sux dogs balls and I hate it and I wish I had never got it.

2 - The Poindexter Farm. This one is 1 page of about 16 I did for a cd cover job. Had a lot of fun with the pencils.

3 - Sketchbook sketches. These arn't great, but I thought it would be nice to throw up some old sketchbook doodles.

Thats it for now...who says I don't keep it regular around here? eh? eh?

See you next week!!

Red J.


Javier Giangiacomo said...

Really loved the farm scene, nice perspective. Always great to see new sketches from you.
Been having the same problem with PS/Vista on my laptop, luckily on my desk computer I keep using old trusty XP.

jeff said...

The outlined of spider man is brilliant very dynamic to the ramos