Monday, January 17, 2011

Wolverine & Deadpool :: Copic Ninja

It is Monday once again, and so here is some new art! (Or rather art that I have not shown yet!)

This is a commish I did recently. I wanted to do something special for this one, so I decided to go for a full colour piece. It's my first traditional colour commission, and it was done using copic markers. I've been playing around with these a little lately. They are fun to work with, and I love being able to get instant coloured results. I thought it might be interesting to show a little of the progression on the piece, so I took some iPhone snaps during the making of the art.

There will be more copic marker art soon!

PS: Since I am in the middle of moving houses right now, I may not have any internets for next Monday, but I will see if I can find a way to keep the blog stocked with new Monday art...There may be a way! See you soon!


triple said...

i just jjizzed my pants. Nice marker work bro.Im gonna go clean up.
-fuck ox.

Anonymous said...

This is hot buddy.

Knail said...

Very nice, I'm fan ;)