Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Batgirls :: raw pencils - finished colours


Some of you may have already seen this floating about on deviantart, or perhaps in person at supanova. Well, now it is also here on my blog. The good news is that here you get to look at my original pencils also.

One of the first DC books I ever got into was Batgirl. A big part of the reason was the gorgeous Damion Scott artwork, but also that Cassie design which is just so slick and cool to look at and draw. The book stood out among all the other titles, and it had more than enough storywise to keep me hooked.

I would love to draw a Batgirl book like this some day. I think she is a very cool character, and such a fun addition to the Bat family. I'm definately hoping to draw her some more in any case.

For anyone interested in buying the original pencils, I'm sorry to say that the original is now SOLD! to a handsome buyer I met in Melbourne. I miss them already, but I know the piece is in a good place :)

Pencils: Me
Inks: Sean Parsons
Colour: Aron Lusen

It's always a great pleasure working with these guys!



Madara said...

I'm with you, I love the Damion Scott Batgirl. I'd love to see Cassandra Cain title again. You would be great as penciler. I only wish I could write it.

Eyz said...

A "BatgirlS" team book would be nice, and a great way to both keep Cassie and Steph around!

Lovely artwork, amazing colors^^