Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Commissions :: Rogue and X-23 + THOR thoughts.

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break!

Have you seen Thor yet?! I did, and I loved it. I don't want to spoil anything. All I want to say is that Marvel have made a fantastic film and got me very interested in a character who I had no interest in at all before. Go see it! Oh, and while I'm at it, can we please at least be given the option to see this movie in 2D?! I find 3D so pointless. It adds nothing but gimmick cheese to the film. The film has a solid story and great characters, and the setting is beautifully done. These qualities are present weather the film is in 2D or 3D. Again I say, it adds nothing! What do you guys think?

OK...let's talk about art. I worked on a couple of outstanding commissions this week, and I'm getting into a good fun groove with these. The choices were great of course. Who doesn't love Rogue or X-23? I'm loving working with markers and inks and getting my hands dirty. It makes me feel like an artist :)

The business table - (Don't read this unless you like to buy and own original art): These pieces are already spoken for, but if you want a commish done to match this set or if you would like to pre-order one for supanova Sydney, get in touch. $100 each. I will have limited spots available as time allows, but for now I am OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. Alternatively you can get an inked and toned head sketch like the ones I posted earlier for $50.

Thanks for looking guys!


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Eyz said...

Amazing artstyle! Love how these girls came under your pen^^

Can't wait to see Thor either!
Sadly, the theaters are only showing it in 3D here...I'll wait for the 2D, no need to rush in theaters for such a pointless gimmick (plus more expensive tickets)