Monday, June 13, 2011

Black Ladies and SupaNova Sydney

Hello friends and finders of this secret little art stash! I am well overdue for an update, so along with some recent art, here are also some ramblings...

First the art. These pieces are from a set of 11 that I have done for a bunch of people who pre-ordered sketch pieces from me in time for SupaNova in Sydney. I've had a great time working on these. All pieces are done on 9 x 12 bristol board using pencil, ink, copics and artlines.

In total there are 11 in this set. I'm hoping to add more to that in the near future. Stay tuned!

I thought it would be cool to start with the ladies with Black in their name:
Black Cat, Black Canary and Black Widow!

Also, cause I love all my ninja follwers on the blog, I'm gonna share some snaps I took of my rough pencil work for those who like to see a little bit of my unpolished mess.

Slight brag: I'm going to watch Kung-Fu Panda 2 today. I'm so excited! This is one of those films where I can't help but be very hyped up for it, which can be a set up for either a HUGE dissapointment, or massive satisfaction. We'll see! Apparently Jack Black is gonna be there.

SupaNova Sydney: It is ON like Donkey Kong...Next weekend. Super excited to do my first Sydney con as a local. I will have limited prints and comics for sale, and I will also be doing head sketches. If you want one of these I recommend getting in early as my list does fill up. I am also thinking of taking a list of commissions which will be just like the ones from this post, so if your interested, let me know. We can dance!

Thanks for reading! As always, more art is on the way!



Fullmetal Animator said...

I really like your style, Jon. First saw your work on the Gemini comics but you're pretty inspiring. :)

Charles Santoso said...

woohoo! very nice pieces, Jon. Thanks for sharing the process. Always great to seeing other artist's sketches :D All the best.

Denny said...

Awesome!!! Follow you now!