Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dr. Sucker Punch

Hey guys!

Monday means new art on this here blog, and todays art is as fresh as it comes. I don't mean "fresh" as in "what makes a DJ...", but I mean fresh as in, I literally just finished this! 2011 styles all the way.

World, AKA all 100 awesome people who follow my blog...allow me to introduce Dr. Sucker Punch.

OK....so I spent my day creating and fleshing out some characters for fun today. Two completely different characters to be precise. Here is one of them. This guy was a lot of fun to draw and colour, AND also to write... I never really considered that side of things as writing, but coming up with a backstory is exactly that if I'm not mistaken. If I get time I will develop his story further and see what comes of it. Some of that depends on whether you guys want to see more, but mostly it will be a time thing.

Hope you like!



Steven said...

Awesome character i definetly wanna see more

anotherdae said...

Nice work

stayunspoiled said...

WOW! Love This!

I see this character as more a villian though. He reminds me of all the mutant/spliced character animals of the 80's/90's - TMNT/Earthworm Jim especially

Playmates would make a slick toy of this character.

Can't wait to see more from this series of characters